Communication Skills

Being an RA on campus is definitely a job that I enjoy. It gives me the opportunity to connect with my residents on another level. Communication is something that is crucial for this job being that we have to have 1 on 1 meetings with them every month. My job is to not only serve as a resource to them, but to also connect them to other resources on campus that they might need at any given moment in time. I try my best to form very close relationships with my residents, in order for them to feel comfortable in their space, and just for them to know that I will always be there for them. Having weekly meetings with my fellow RA staff is something that is also crucial for this process. We use these meetings to brainstorm ideas for building events, different ways in which we can help our residents, and most importantly how to make everyone feel included in our community. My job as an RA is to build community, and make sure the needs of all residents are met. College is a place that we call home for 4 years, so having a leader in the halls that can connect all the dots together so everyone can excel is more of a mission statement when it comes to me being an RA.
Attached below is a link to the RA page on Muhlenberg’s official website highlighting what we do as RAs on a daily basis, in addition to taking you behind the scenes of the process of becoming an RA.