Leadership Skills

For my fall 2021 semester, in my Organizational Behavior course, a classmate and I had to do a TA session together on Diversity and Perception. The TA session was something that had to be performed by the whole class but we were assigned different topics and different due dates. For this TA session, I had to work with my partner, and also our professor Dr. London, in order to put on an interactive class about a topic that has been at the forefront for the past 5 years. Our session had a lot of group activities about Diversity, Perception, and social justice. We also touched on some of the concepts that were presented in the textbook about these issues. This session allowed me to tap into a very nerve racking experience that I had to go through in the summer of 2019 pertaining to social justice, in which I also shared with the class. I’ve never seen myself as an educator, but having the opportunity to lead a class on such a delicate topic, in addition to the great feedback I’ve received from my classmates has given me the motivation to think about pursuing this as a career further in life. Attached below will be google sides of the TA session, and also a reflection paper documenting this wonderful teaching experience.